Automation and Labour Saving | Advanced Hort

Automation and Labour Saving

Improving the efficiency of operations can be a great improvement for any grower.


You will be able to reduce costs, improve working conditions and boost the motivation of your workers by removing repetitive jobs. While not only making your greenhouse or nursery a better working place, some of these products will repay themselves easily. If you are able to implement the correct automation for your processes, you could end up with a high ROI.

Side Shift and Fixed Benching

Side Shift and Fixed Benching | Advanced Hort

Advanced Hort offers three different bench types, Fixed benches, Side-Shifting benches, and Mobile benches. In the last 30 years, the basic principles of mobile benches have evolved to a well-tested and proven concept.


The mobile benches are a perfect stepping stone in upgrading a nursery for multiple reasons.

Side shifting and Mobile benches allow a far greater percentage of your greenhouse to be used for production, rather than requiring valuable areas to be used for walkways.

Benching systems can also be used with Ebb & Flood Bench Tops as well as regular mesh top. The Ebb & Flood Benches provides fully automated irrigation for your crops, further improving the efficiency of your growing area.


The basic components of the mobile benches consist of:

  • Mobile benches (Ebb & Flood and regular mesh top bottoms, welded, self-assembly)

  • Watering equipment (water supply and discharge, static watering booms).

  • Multi-Move Lateral Transport (MMLT) sections (with pneumatic lift).

  • Support and rail pipe components.

The automation components are:

  • Bench transport robots.

  • Bench automation (push, pull and lifting equipment).

  • Plant handling (robots, grading equipment).

  • Overhead transport (stacker, crane).

  • Cleaning/disinfecting equipment.

  • Control and visualisation software (PLC or PC based).

Ebb and Flood Bench Tops

Ebb and Flood Bench Tops | Advanced Hort

Ebb and Flood Benches offer the greatest and most uniform watering system available while improving ergonomics and OH&S compliance. Ebb & Flood Benches are very common in Europe and could be of great benefit to your bottom line.


Benches can increase your effective growing area by up to 30%, reduce your water use by up to 70% and reduce fertiliser use by up to 30%.


  • Benches are tailored to your needs

  • Highly resistant, chemical-proof and UV-resistant plastic ensuring a long lifetime

  • Available in a range of sizes 

  • Fast turnaround of crops

  • ‘Quick-valve’ quickly floods and drains benches

Priva FS Performance

FS Performance & FS Reader Boekesteijn E

With the Priva FS Performance management information system, you can set up an accurate production forecast. Naturally, you can adjust the labor schedule accordingly. This not only saves money, but is also more convenient. In this way, you have a handle on every process in your company.

Priva FS Performance offers you a clear insight into the growth and development of your crops. The system also allows you to easily register pests and diseases, which you can display on a map of your company. Priva FS Performance gives you real-time insight into the production forecast and the actual production per crop.

Good management of the sorting and processing process is essential. You always want to be kept aware of sorting information, the quality of your product and who is doing what. With Priva FS Performance you can track the product throughout the whole process, from weighing to storage.

Labor costs make up a significant part of horticulture companies’ total costs. An insight into your employees’ efficiency is therefore indispensable. With Priva FS Performance you have access to the scheduled and performed work and you can follow the progress during the week. This allows you to make proactive adjustments to ensure that the work is being carried out as efficiently as possible.


  • Clear Dashboards/Overview 

  • Real-time insights into operational work

  • Less Administration 

  • Motativated Employees

  • FS Performance is Modular

  • Minimal Input Errors during Registration