Climate Systems

Every grower knows the importance of getting the conditions right for optimal growth and health of your plants.


Different growth stages require different conditions for your plants. Our climate systems are capable of actively changing the temperature, humidity, air circulation, UV-radiation and CO2 in your greenhouse, so your plants can grow in the climate they prefer.

Circulation Fans

Control Disease with Aeromax Circulation Fans. Good air movement around plants is vital to their health. Air movement reduces fungal disease on leaves, flowers and fruit, increases transpiration which in turn increases leaf cooling and nutrient uptake, brings fresh CO2. to the leaf and improves plant health and vigour.

The most efficient way to increase air flow around plants is with Horizontal Air Flow Circulation Fans.


  • Mixes the air in your greenhouse to maintain an uniform climate

  • Increases leaf cooling by improving the transpiration of your plants

  • Reduces the chance on fungal diseases

  • Low energy usage

Thermal screens are by far the most effective energy and cost saving technology in the modern greenhouse. Thermal shade screens open when light is limited and close when light is excessive. They also reduce heat loss, dew drop, heating costs, and help to maintain a more constant and comfortable greenhouse climate for your crop and your staff.

Providing a better climate with huge savings in heating costs. Also available in blackout for photoperiod sensitive plants.


  • Lifespan from 8 to 10 years

  • Reduces heating costs by 20 – 70%

  • Stabilises the climate in your greenhouse

  • Different models to select the best solution for your crops

  • Reduces chances on fungal diseases

Thermal, Energy & Shade Screens

Lighting Solutions

High Pressure Fogging

Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights are now being used more widely by growers all around the world for improved bud-set, increased growth, artificial growing environments and to guarantee production out of season, usually when prices are highest.


  • Different models with different light wavelengths for specific purposes and use

  • Providing plants with exactly the right light wavelength that they require for optimal growth

  • Extends the photo periods your plants need every day

  • Great way to improve growth rates and quality of your plants

  • Vastly reduced running costs when compared to Sodium or Mercury lamps

Having a Fog System in your greenhouse is the best way of controlling the humidity level to provide the optimum conditions for your plants.


For plant propagation ideal conditions are around 80-85% RH. For general plant production or fruit production, around 70% RH is ideal for most plants. A Fog System not only helps you with controlling the humidity level. Importantly, it also cools the air evenly across the entire greenhouse. It is the most accurate tool for humidity control in greenhouses.


  • Ability to cool greenhouses to stable growing conditions even on the hottest days

  • Suited to most greenhouses designs

  • Cost-effective for cooling

  • Easy to fit in existing greenhouses

  • Better accuracy for setting humidity at a certain level