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Control Systems

Having trouble understanding exactly when to plant, harvest or irrigate your crops?


With our technology, that won’t be an issue. Gain access to instant data and with it, feel confident that you’re making the best decisions for your production.

Priva - Compass

Priva Compass – Afordable Integrated Environmental Control System

Priva is the largest and most successful climate control manufacturer in the world. The company has been developing climate control computers for over 50 years and their knowledge is distilled in the Compass.

When you have a profitable growing operation, it’s getting more and more important to grow more efficiently, use water and energy optimally and produce vegetables, fruit, and ornamental plants safely. To realise this, it is necessary to use the right technology. Priva Compass takes the crop as the starting point and will guide you towards an optimal crop control. With this affordable process computer, you will have a user-friendly and sustainable solution to perfectly control your cultivation.


Choosing Priva Compass, is choosing for precision, quality and a total solution. The Compass is the replacement for the Priva Maximizer.



  • Controls ventilation, screens, fans, fog, lights, heating and boiler control

  • Controls irrigation and fertigation

  • Reports environmental conditions

  • Set certain parameters to let the system control climate and water systems for you

  • Modular design: easy to adapt to your needs

  • Hightech, yet affordable

  • Operable from any device via the Cloud

  • Clear dashboards with great ease of use

The Priva Compact process computer incorporates the perfect basic controls for climate and water dosage in combination with a simple operation. It provides you with a reliable and user-friendly base in climate control and is suitable for controlling various greenhouse complexes. The Priva Compact is the “smaller brother” of the Priva Connext process computer.

The Priva Compact CC is a very popular option for most growers due to its compatibility with wireless sensors including the wireless Growscale which is used extensively in berry and soft fruit production. 


  • Integrated controller for your systems in your field production or greenhouse

  • Intuitive control which makes sure the settings of your irrigation, fertigation or climate systems stay steady over time

  • Ability to be networked with associated saving in cable and ease of installation

  • Easily expanded inputs and outputs to cope with expansio

  • Simple operation

  • Fits your automation needs perfectly

  • Easy upgrade to Priva Connext as it uses the same hardware. 

Priva - Compact CC

Priva - Connext

As advancements in the greenhouse industry continue to be developed, the Connext system by Priva provides a process control system network to integrate all control in one system.


More importantly the Priva Connext network can be monitored and accessed both locally and remotely through a broadband connection.


  • Optimise the control of climate, heating, irrigation, fertigation and water treatment

  • Provides communication between all controllable parts of your greenhouse

  • Optional integration with the FS Performance

  • Built in self-checking and redundancy offers great accuracy in climate control

  • Offers overview of all processes in the greenhouse

  • Robust network options for enhanced reliability

  • Optional customisation of user interface through Advanced Horts’ GeoVision

Customised GeoVision

Priva GroScale & Moisture Balance Module

We introduce you our Moisture Balance Module. This module determines every irrigation cycle fully automatically based on three important influences: water evaporation, plant water use, and the water content of the substrate.

The precise control of water and fertilizers is essential in the production process to lift the product quality throughout the chain at a higher level. The Moisture Balance Module is an optimal irrigation start solution for substrate growing. The result; increased fruit production by precise and timely dosing of water and fertilizers.

Optimal balance between oxygen and moisture level in substrate results in better root conditions and healthy root development. Restricts root pressure and prevents dehydration.

Plant transpiration can be measured by a Priva GroScale and a drain sensor or by moisture sensors. Both sensors analyze the moisture level of the substrate. The obtained data is used by the Moisture Balance Module to control water dosing and timing. These sensors are available in both wired and wireless versions.


  •  Higher production and a better fruit quality.

  • More efficient water and fertiliser use

  • Simplifies irrigation management

  • User-friendly design

  • Available as wireless or wired designs

  • Weight, volume and EC measurements

  • Compatible with:

    • Compact CC

    • Connext

Priva GeoVision | Advanced Hort

GeoVision, by Advanced Hort, allows Priva Office pages to be designed to your own layout and requirements. It is compatible with Priva Office.


Advanced Hort can fully customise the layout of your Priva Office pages with GeoVision, to adjust it to how you want the design to look like. Due to our experience with other growers and how they like to work with Priva Office, we know how to set up GeoVision pages to your requirements. We are able to set up GeoVision so the layout of Priva pages is easy to understand and user-friendly.



  • Fully customised by Advanced Hort to suit your site

  • User-friendly design

  • Compatible with Priva Office for:​

    • Compact CC

    • Connext

Customised GeoVision | Advanced Hort
Customised GeoVision | Advanced Hort