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To be able to offer industry leading, integrated solutions for horticulture, Advanced Hort has partnered with a number of suppliers to be able to offer modern and efficient ways to take better control and care of their crops. Advanced Hort delivers exactly what you need with quality and accuracy with the help of the following partners below.

For an Active Climate

For Precision Irrigation

For Maintaining Control

For better use of your time

Powerplants Australia | Advanced Hort Partner

Advanced Hort is the New Zealand exclusive full service partner for Powerplants Australia

Who is Powerplants Australia?

Advanced Hort is a full service provider of Powerplants Australia Ltd, We at Advanced Hort are able to provide solutions from Powerplants who are Industry leaders in on our side of the world.

Powerplants has a long history of advancing Australia’s horticultural industry since being founded in 1994. Specializing in protected cropping, our customers include field growers, nursery owners, commercial builders, educational intuitions, and medical specialists.

Powerplants has developed its offering to be the premier provider to the horticulture industry of consultancy, design, supply, installation and integration of:

  • Greenhouse systems and structures

  • Climate systems to efficiently control temperature, humidity, and light

  • Fertigation, irrigation and water treatment

  • Automation and logistics to improve facility efficiency and WH&S

  • Seeding, potting, transplanting, harvesting equipment

  • Electrical systems


Our continual investment in global product research and development is provided within our tailor solutions aligned to specific Australian conditions to optimize efficiency, quality and increased yield for our customers.


Projects range in size from 100m2 through to 20,000m2, each customized to the customers’ requirements.


“Only one part of the business is focused on providing solutions to growers. The rest of the business is there to ensure those systems are providing returns for growers across their full working life.” – Carl van Loon, CEO, Powerplants Australia



Powerplants employ technical specialists sourced from Australia and around the world for engineering, project delivery, installation and technical support across all our product lines. As well as manufacturing our own customised products, we partner with leading global suppliers from Europe such as Priva (Powerplants are the only full service provider for Priva horticultural solutions in Australia), Philips (Signify), Bosman Van Zaal, Flier and others so we can offer the best quality and offer a complete and fully integrated solution.

See below for links to Powerplants Partners 

Priva | Advanced Hort Partner

Creating a Climate for Growth

Priva is a high-tech company that develops hardware, software and services in the field of climate control, energy saving and optimal reuse of water.

For a more modern agriculture

IDM Agrometal specialise in the manufacturer of Farm Machinery, to facilitate fieldwork for Greenhouses, such as vertical and horizontal sprayers for production horticulture and softfruit production.

Signify | Advanced Hort Partner

Signify is the new company name of Philips Lighting

Optimize your growth systems with LED lighting for sustainable crop cultivation, all year round. Tailor-made light recipes mean faster growth, bigger harvests, and higher quality plants.

PB Tec | Advanced Hort Partner

Technology is what we do, innovation is what we live for

PB tec develops innovative and advanced horticultural solutions in the field of electrical engineering, lighting, water engineering and automation.

Bosman Van Zaal | Advanced Hort Partner

Your Vision, Our Solution

We design and produce the technology behind our food, medicines and flowers. It is those sustainable and smart facilities and systems that make your business successful.

Flier Systems | Advanced Hort Partner

Grow Your Future

Flier Systems has been specializing in mechanisation and automation of business processes for seed breeding businesses, plant nurseries and production companies for vegetable growing and horticulture since 1931.

Svensson | Advanced Hort Partner

Production systems that combine climate optimization, nature and protection

At Cravo we work with growers around the world to create more profitable production systems that utilize automatic retractable roofs.

Innovative and Climate Screen Solutions

Svensson is the pioneer and the world leader in climate control and energy efficiency solutions. Our climate screens control humidity, temperature and UV radiation, creating excelling conditions for better and greater production globally.

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Advanced Hort, as a Full Service Partner of Powerplants Australia is able to provide you with a quotation for any equipment or service from the above partners and more!