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Water Systems

Your plants need good nutrition to grow strong and healthy, which is provided through the uptake of their water.


Our water systems will take care of mixing and treating your water, depending on your preferences. You will be able to control the dosing of fertilisers really accurately through these products, while also being able to use your resources efficiently.

Advanced Hort offers a wide range of water systems to suit your needs, from batch mixing, inline injection, tank mixing and simple dosing rack systems. There is a system for every application. Custom water usits are also available on request. 

Priva NutriJet

Priva Nutrijet-300 | Advanced Hort

The Priva NutriJet is a compact, reliable, direct injection fertiliser dosing unit.

Unlike other direct injection systems on the market, the Priva NutriJet features a unique mixing chamber with built in fertiliser injectors. The Priva-designed patented Mixing Chamber contains baffles and provides a turbulent mixing of the nutrients and acid/alkali.

This system is designed to interface with the Priva range of controllers.The Priva NutriJet is supplied as standard with pump, one or two mixing chambers, 4 single, dual or triple dosing channels plus one acid dosing channel, flow meter and control interface.


  • Priva Interface

  • Unique mixing chamber; no mixing tank

  • Dual EC and pH sensors

  • Just one pump is required, making the system more economic

  • Expandable up to 10 dosing channels

  • From 2 m3/hr to over 80 m3/hr.

  • Configurable as inline or bypass unit 

Priva-Nutrifit | Advanced Hort

Although there are a number of fertiliser dosing units on the market, the Priva NutriFit is unique.

The NutriFit is a mixing tank based dosing unit. The NutriFit works by injecting water soluble fertilisers into the on-board mixing tank and thoroughly mixing the fertiliser with water. The result is a stable, homogeneous solution with the desired fertiliser concentration. The system is equipped with dual EC and pH sensors to measure the concentration of the nutrient solution accurately.

The ingenious design of the NutriFit includes a moulded base and tank design which incorporates features which allow for easy handling of the unit for transport but also minimises pipe support and fixing.



  • Able to dose water flows of up to approximately 25 m3/hour

  • Up to 4 different fertilizer dosing channels plus one pH correction channel 

  • Dual EC and pH sensors

  • Complements the complete range Priva controllers

  • Avaliable as stand alone unit

Priva NutriFit

Priva NutriFlex

Priva NutriFlex – Fertigating your crops in a Reliable and Flexible way.

Fertigation is a key component of hydroponic production.  The term refers to the mixing of fertilisers and irrigation water. Using the Priva NutriFlex, your crops are provided with the correct required quantity and proportion of fertilisers. Concentrated fertiliser stock solution tanks, which contain soluble fertilisers dissolved in water are connected to the NutriFlex.


The dissolved fertilisers are drawn into the NutriFlex integrated mixing tank, where they are mixed and then pumped to the crop. The NutriFlex can mix a maximum of five solutions simultaneously, e.g. four fertiliser solutions and one acid/alkaline solution. When you have double dosing channels, the system is able to inject up to ten fertiliser solutions. The entire process is controlled via your Priva process controller.


  • Efficient fertiliser dosing for all types of crop with either 300 or 600 litre per hour fertiliser dosing channels

  • System pumping capacity of between 5m3/hr and 110m3/hr of water and fertiliser per hour – depending on model

  • Accurate and reliable

  • Dual EC and pH sensors for optimum measurement and maximum protection

  • Available with or without and onboard integrated Priva process controller, main filter or fill pump

Priva Neutralizer


The Priva Neutralizer removes bicarbonate from borehole, surface (rain) and mains water. As a result of a combination of acidification and aeration, you can reduce the bicarbonate concentration to the desired maximum value of 0.3 - 0.5 mmol/l. This keeps the pH stable, and because of the stable EC and pH, the plant is better able to absorb minerals and elements such as zinc, boron, iron and copper; substances that are essential for optimal growth of the plant and for improving the taste and vitality of the crop.

Reducing the bicarbonate with the Priva Neutralizer makes your drippers less susceptible to blockage. In addition, if you irrigate from overhead, you will get considerably more shine on the leaves.

Simple water pre-treatment:

The Priva Neutralizer adds acid and aerates via a special venturi. This removes bicarbonate from the irrigation water. The result: a reliable EC and pH from the fertiliser unit to the roots of the plant.


  • Priva Interface

  • Unique mixing chamber; no mixing tank

  • Dual pH sensors

  • Just one pump is required, making the system more economic

  • Range of units available to size the size of your operation

  • Available as stand alone unit

  • Compatible with Acid or Lye 

Priva M-Line UV Unit

Affordable water disinfection with UV light for any horticulture company. That is what the Priva Vialux M-Line stands for. With UV disinfection, significant improvements can be realised with regard to disease control and efficient water use. Besides the Vialux M-Line meets the most stringent demands for food hygiene. 

The Priva Vialux M-Line UV disinfection system destroys all existing organisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses within the irrigation water. The system can be applied for both new entry water and recycled drain water. UV disinfection allows continuous recirculation of the irrigation water in a safe way. As a result, expensive fertilisers are not flushed down the drain and do not contaminate the environment.


  • Specifically designed for horticulture

  • Available as stand alone or integrated UV disinfection solution

  • Auto cleaning cycles

  • Dual pH sensors

  • Just one pump is required, making the system more economical 

  • 4 Sizes available to suit your operation 

  • Short payback time of 3 years