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Climate Systems

Climate Solutions | Advanced Hort

There are many ways to optimize your climate for growth. We are able to offer both simple and high tech solutions to achieve the best results

These solutions include circulation fans for humidity control, lighting for day length length extension or supplemental lighting in the greenhouse, glasshouse screens to maintain temperatures or provide shading and also high pressure fogging for propagation or adding humidity.

Ask us today on how we can optimize your climate. 

Water Systems

Nutrijet | Water Systems | Irrigation

Water is a precious resource and making sure your plants get exactly what they need is a fine balance

Making sure that the water has the right levels of nutrient and at the correct pH is critical for maintaining peak production. 


Advanced Hort can offer you the complete range of water treatment and dosing equipment to make sure your plants get exactly what they need and when they need it. 


Whether you're in a greenhouse, poly tunnel, protected cropping or field growing, you can be sure that we had a solution for your needs. 

Control Systems

Control Systems | Advanced Hort

Achieving the best result not only takes the right water and climate systems but also the right control

Advanced Hort specializes in control systems offered by Priva who are the global leaders in Controller Environmental Agriculture/Horticulture. 

Talk to us today about the best way to control your Climate and Water systems. Depending on the amount of advanced automated control you want, we have a model that suits your needs.

Benching and Nursery 


Improving the efficiency of operations can be a great improvement for any grower.

Reducing costs, improving working conditions and boosting the motivation of your workers by removing repetitive jobs while increasing your ROI benifits everybody.

There are always some efficiencies to be made in any horticultural operation. Give as a call today to schedule your free, no obligation assessment. 

We at Advanced Hort are able to offer industry leading, integrated solutions for horticulture. Advanced Hort has partnered with a number of suppliers to be able to offer modern and efficient ways to take better control and care of their crops. Advanced Hort delivers exactly what you need with quality and accuracy.

Solutions For Growth

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Who is

Advanced Hort?

Covering the entire country, at Advanced Hort, we’re invested in building the future of Horticulture, and we want to make life for farmers as easy and comfortable as possible, regardless of the size of productions that they manage.

We gauge our success by the level of success of all of our customers. Our biggest focus is to make sure that our customers and horticulture in New Zealand are using the latest available technology, and staying up to date or ahead of the world in Innovation. 

Advanced Hort offers a wide range of services from system design, equipment supply, installation and system maintenance services. 

Give us a call today, because chances are, if we don't do it, we know someone that does, and if we don't, then you probably don't need it🌱!

Give us a call today 
because chances are, if we don't do it, we know someone that does, and if we don't, then you probably don't need it!

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